Tuesday, July 23, 2013

That One Time Lashonda Won All the Catch Phrases, Forever

I have known a lot of people in my life. Some of them were funny, some were nice, some were tedious and some, like the awful manicurist lady at the beauty school, don't ever, ever shut up, ever. 

But none have been as funny to me as Lashonda was the other night at my birthday party (her name isn't Lashonda. How great would that be, though?). 

So, the party. I'm not home all that often, living in New Orleans now and whatnot, so every summer when I return to Colorado, my parents throw me a birthday party so all my old friends in my hometown can come by and catch up. Some of these friends are family friends, friends of my parents, or people we've known since before I could walk. Some, like Lashonda, are my friends from high school or college who I don't get to see all that often. 

That night, after cake and presents (so what if I'm in my twenties you're never too old for cake and presents you hush), we all gathered for a nice game of Catch Phrase. You know, the game were you pass around the wheel of words to the tune of a randomized buzzer and you have to describe the word you see till your teammates guess it in order to pass it on. It's pretty low-key, for hot potato.  

So let's set the scene. Lashonda is sitting on my right, and my parents, my neighbors, my neighbors' kids, and some old family friends are all sitting in a circle. My mom explains the rules to Lashonda, who's never played before, and we start the game. Lashonda can be fairly competitive, so she's following the wheel around the circle, waiting for her turn. When she takes the wheel, hits the spinner and reads her word, this is what happens: 

"Oh! Oh, country. Green. Lots of green. They wear scarves." 

No one got the change to guess before the buzzer chimed. The answer was Scotland Yard, which Lashonda, in her beginner's nerves, had confused with Ireland and a friend of ours who wears a lot of scarves. 

Because she was holding the wheel when time ran out, she got to start the next round. And then she won Catch Phrase, forever, in my heart. 

Beep. "Oh. Okay. So, most girls get one of these for the first time when they turn sixteen. Maybe more later. It hurts, at first, and there's a little bit of blood, and a hole..."

She trailed off as the room got really quiet. No one had any guesses. The timer ran out, and we learned that the answer had been pierced ear, but I was already sobbing with laughter. 

Lashonda did really well the rest of the game, and her team won twice, but no game of Catch Phrase will ever be the same again without that long, awkward silence, to which Lashonda had been completely oblivious until some turns later, despite her being one of the cleverest, quickest people I know. 

I love you Lashonda please don't hate me for preserving this moment for posterity

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