Friday, March 29, 2013

I arted.

I recently purchased a tablet, because part of being an adult is being able to actually buy for yourself all the toys you envy of others. Those of you who know me IRL know that the good Lord bestowed in me little to no artistic ability. Why I actually bought a tablet I'll never know. 

(That's a lie. I bought a tablet because I was sitting in a coffee shop with my smartphone, bored, wondering how I could get more blog hits, and then I realized that all the blogs I follow are hilarious not just because of their magnificent writing, but also because they include comic panels which somehow, despite being mostly stick figures, convey the writer's emotions more perfectly than their prosaic language ever could. So I bought a tablet to help me become more Internetfamous.) 

Anyway. Below are my forays into learning how to use my new toy. Please remember that I'm not an artist – not even a little – and therefore be forgiving. Or at least not completely malicious in your amusement. 

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